Why You Need a Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, ICBC will undoubtedly steer you away from hiring a lawyer. Your adjuster will advise that lawyers are just an unnecessary expense, who will just take part of your claim monies. ICBC adjusters are well-trained. Don’t forget they work for ICBC and, as with all employees, they owe loyalty to their employer.

If ICBC looked after 100% of what claimants are actually entitled to, there would be no need for personal injury lawyers. It is an insurance adjuster’s job to minimize the amount paid out per claim. ICBC is a corporation, whose bottom line, of course, is profit. Despite what your adjuster may say, your injury claim is very likely worth much more. How would you know? Only an experienced personal injury lawyer has the capacity to know what a claim is truly worth.

Hiring a lawyer immediately following an accident is not always necessary. However, it may be needed in situations where:

  1. A family member has died;
  2. A serious injury requiring hospitalization is involved;
  3. Liability for the accident is unclear and you have suffered injuries;
  4. ICBC is denying your claim because of the nature of the collision;
  5. There will be a loss of future earnings or the need for future care will be required.

In these cases, a lawyer is important to carry out an early investigation before evidence is lost. You will need to see a number of medical experts, and their reports must be obtained. A good personal injury lawyer will organize and fund all of this. You have 2 years from the accident to make a claim. However, the sooner you see a lawyer, the better, particularly with regard to addressing your injuries, determining your rights and entitlements.

Although a lawyer’s legal fees are based on a percentage of monies recovered, if that lawyer is competent, your claim compensation will far exceed what you would have otherwise received on your own from ICBC. Another great benefit to hiring a personal injury lawyer is that once retained, the lawyer, not you, deals with ICBC. This in itself, can alleviate much time, frustration and stress.

Einfeld Law provides a free initial consultation on personal injury matters. Why not take advantage of our experience and expertise? You have nothing to lose. Learn what your claim is truly worth and familiarize yourself with the process. Why settle for less?