I Ride Too. Don’t Settle for Less.

Motorcycle accidents differ substantially from other motor vehicle accidents. Common sense tells us that motorcyclists simply lack the protection available to the automobile motorist. Protective clothing and helmets may assist to reduce injuries but all of us who ride know that such protective outerwear will probably not prevent us from being more seriously injured in the event of a collision.

I have been an avid motorcycle enthusiast for more than 35 years and continue to love the experience of riding my Harleys. My wife and I tour on our bikes and are not just posers out for the parade. I have personally experienced several motorcycle mishaps and have avoided many more. My years of riding, combined with my personal injury/accident legal experience, have underscored the fact that too many motorists are simply oblivious to our presence on the road. You can run your high beams or your driving lights and that left-turning driver just doesn’t see you. To add insult to injury, the general public will automatically assume the motorcyclist is at fault. Experience has taught me that “eye-witness” testimony is often questionable when it comes to estimating the speed of the motorcyclist prior to the incident. Witnesses often assess too high of a speed to the motorcyclist. To rebut this at Einfeld Law, we retain the services of reconstruction engineers to calculate pre-collision movement and speed of the vehicles. In the case of an automobile/truck versus a motorcycle, the “black box” onboard computer can provide amazing evidence.

I have acted for many injured motorcyclists. The injuries can range from road rash, soft tissue injuries, to severe brain and all-body injuries, including injuries to vital organs. Unlike automobile accidents, severe injuries to arms and legs, including loss of limb, are a common result. Psychological trauma (PTSD) is often also a rather common experience as the rider faces what the brain registers as an impending death experience. In all of these cases, we have retained the services of leading medical, psychological and other experts to maximize our client’s claim or award.

All motorcycle injury cases and motor cycle accidents affect me as a rider. Fatal accident cases are exceptionally challenging because I have to maintain professional “cool” as a lawyer but also have to deal with the survivors and a loss too close to home.

If you or yours have been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Glenn Einfeld, directly at Einfeld Law, (250) 712-0001, for a free legal consultation.


D. Glenn Einfeld is a highly knowledgeable and experienced BC motorcycle accident lawyer and BC personal injury lawyer who has successfully litigated many ICBC claims and other insurance claims, including out of province claims, wrongful death, brain injury, spinal cord injury, whiplash, soft tissue injury, and all other serious injury claims.

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