ICBC Says The Accident Was Your Fault. What To Do.

So ICBC advised you the accident was 100% your fault. You don’t agree, but don’t know what to do. Well, just because ICBC has made that determination doesn’t necessarily make it so. The Courts, not adjusters, are the ultimate decision makers. Adjusters are neither lawyers nor judges. You need a lawyer to give you proper guidance.

Immediately following an accident, get the names and contact information of any witnesses, if at all possible. Remember, drivers who first admit fault and apologize often change their minds and version of events later on. Witnesses are vital.

Never give a statement to ICBC without first consulting a lawyer. Despite thinking you may have made a driving mistake, you still may only be partially at fault for the accident. For instance, even if you were driving over the posted speed limit at or before the collision, speed may not have been a contributing factor at all.

The underlying cause of the accident must be determined before liability, or blame, can be assessed. Rely on your lawyer’s advice.

Many times, there is split liability, or fault, for the accident. You may still have a case well worth pursuing, especially if you’ve suffered personal injuries and/or loss of income.

In summary, ICBC and its adjusters do not have the final say and don’t represent your best interest. Even if they say you don’t need a lawyer……guess what……you need a lawyer! Einfeld Law offers a free initial consultation on all accident/injury cases. You have nothing to lose by taking advantage of our legal expertise.