Left Lane Bandits

There is a growing consensus that the BC Government’s preoccupation with highway speed limits is based more on generating revenue than safety. Our article: “Roadside Justice or Injustice” deals with arbitrary speed limits that have no real safety justification. When speed limits are arbitrary, their relationship to a maximum safe speed becomes irrelevant. A car accident can be considered speed-related, simply because it was in excess of a politically-determined limit, even if the accident occurred at a safe speed. The slogan “speed kills” becomes hackneyed.

Research shows the greatest threats to safety aren’t speeders, but the “outliers” in traffic: those vehicles moving faster or slower than traffic flow. Enforcement should focus equally, if not more, on these outliers.

The major contributors to highway accidents are “left lane bandits”—drivers who insist on driving in the left (passing) lane. This complete disregard for the “Slower Traffic Keep Right” signs holds the line of cars behind them hostage. It’s discourteous and unsafe. A recent article in The Vancouver Sun discusses this here.

As a result of the “Slow Moving Vehicle” portion of its recent Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review, the BC Government will adopt new signage and highway markings and make changes to the Motor Vehicle Act to deal with these left lane bandits and the danger they pose.

How unfortunate that, yet again, common sense is not enough.

Message to left lane bandits: Move Over!

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